Crisis Resolution


Crisis Resolution programs created for law enforcement, security forces, medical and mental health professionals, teachers and school administrators. This innovative program is and presented by Bill Garrison and Lewis Paleias. Each bringing their 30+ years of experience  to have combined their talents in law enforcement, crisis resolution, hostage negotiation, and martial arts for this revolutionary program. Specializing in maximizing control effectiveness while lowering risk of injury, this program develops strategies to defuse and resolve issues of crisis and conflict. It has been shown to reduce incidents with use of force and lower complaints against personnel. We’ve designed programs for corporate and hospital environments on: Physical Security, Threat Resolution & Crisis Resolution, plus:

Performance – Communication – Neuro Linguistic Programming – Negotiation – Profiling – Law Enforcement Training – Counseling – Trauma Recovery – Weapon Disarms –  Compliance & Escort Training - Self Defense Training – CPR Training

The Art of Self Defense

Self Defense is about having a plan beforehand. It’s about having decided what one’s options are in situations before they occur. Knowing how to punch and kick are only a small part of a much larger picture in today’s modern world. If someone can enrage you, even to the point of violence, by calling you a racial slur (or re. mother, sister, etc.), then you have carelessly left a weapon in the enemy’s hands. This adrenal surge can rob you of your rational judgment and thought processes.

      Don’t assume that bystanders will tell an accurate account of what happened if they should witness you defending yourself in a real fight. Most people have never seen an act of violence except in film or on T.V. and their perceptions of what they saw are often distorted. This is an adrenal effect and is why you must set up a pre-incident testimony before it gets violent.

     Raise your hands a safe distance from the hostile person (palms out) and shout loudly “Stay back! I don’t want to fight!” and “Back off now!” People remember what they hear more than what they see.  If you are very strong in your projection of verbal boundaries (projecting but neither challenging or insulting them), then many times there will be no physical fight at all.  Above all, never corner an animal or someone in an emotional/retro state: they will run through you get to safety. Always give someone a way out, whether verbally or physically.


10 Tips for Winning Hand-to-Hand Combat

1) Be decisive and get the first-move advantage if possible

2) Rehearse

3) Ask yourself a crucial question: Am I winning?

4) Monitor the fight’s severity; be prepared to do whatever it takes to survive

5) Do you have the spirit to keep fighting even if you're shot, cut or hit?

6) When you hit: HIT! HARD!

7) Never spar with anyone

8) Hit to create dysfunction

9) Don't assume that a pause means it's over

10) Keep breathing!

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The skills learned in the MEB/Asp Expandable Baton Training Program

can save your life in close range combat situations