Finding combat steel Deer Hooks for purchase are rare.

The weapons I hand-make for my students are stainless steel

with interlocking crescents of 12-1/2” and 10” diameters.

This allows plenty of arcs to easily trap any weapon while

extending four 7” blades. I finish them off with South American

hardwood handles (usually Padouk, that has a reddish hue). I cut

them from a 1/8" blank of stainless steel; 440 or 420 hardness.

The cost is $250/pair shipping included (I ship them Priority Mail).

NOTE: Though pointed, the blades are not sharpened, even though they CAN take a razor’s edge. I was told long ago that “Only a fool or a master practices with sharpened weapons”. You have to expect to make mistakes while learning a weapon. That’s why it’s called “practice”.  The learning experience, however, should be challenging, not hazardous. You will puncture yourself many times with those pointed tips; you don’t need to also lose fingers. Another reason I don’t sharpen them is the pleasure of sparring against wooden weapons, such as staff, sword or saber. Even without an edge, the standard wooden Tai Chi sword will be quickly destroyed (beware of dangerous flying splinters). The Japanese bokken works great; so does any staff. A sharpened weapon, however, will constantly bite into the wood until there’s nothing left, or until it slides and removes your partner’s hand. Remember: even a dull metal sword can run you through. Both you and your partner should wear protective goggles every time you play: one mistake could change your lives forever.

Hand-Made Hardwood Combat Sparring Weapons

It never ceases to amaze me that martial artists will devote their lives to their art yet don't know the tactile pleasure derived from a well-balanced and properly weighted instrument. The silky warmth of the rainforest woods gives these combat-weight hardwood swords (jian) and sabers (dao and da dao) a sensuous feel. They are not like the flimsy wooden toys you see everywhere (which would turn to splinters if you banged them), but are around 1" thick and lead-filled in the handles to give them perfect balance and weight. The jian is about 40” long and balances about 3" from the hilt while the daos are about 38” long and balance further up the blade for more of a "chopping" feel. I usually make them out of mahogany (heavy), oak, mountain ash or padouk hardwoods (basically I like the colors of chocolate, natural or red that these woods naturally come in). Every one is hand made; everyone is different. Made from 200 year old wood from old barn. More wooden weapons to come.

The Jians and Daos both go for $70 each plus shipping.

Oak Daggers (12” long) are $10 each (add $6 Priority Mail shipping)

Oak Roman Gladius (exact copy) is $70 each plus shipping

Dit Da Jow “Iron Palm” Liniment

The only way to develop a true “Iron Palm” is with proper training and a good Dit Da Jow bruise balm liniment to protect against and heal injuries. My recipe (included with each shipment) was given to me  directly from my master and was brewed from 14 separate herbs for at least 1 year. Also great for all bruises or contusions. 

5 ounce bottle $15 each (add $4 shipping/handling if not combined with a DVD/weapon order)

DVDS/Videotapes For Sale (add $4 shipping & handling)

NEW!!! “Acupressure Massage for Common Ailments -1” DVD: Learn to use Tui-na Acupressure massage to help alleviate Arthritis, Ankle Pain, Asthma/Breathing Difficulties, Hayfever & Sinus Problems, Insomnia, Shoulder Tension, TMJ & Jaw Pain, and “Quick Energy” when you’re strength is flagging. $25.

My “Qigong Self Massage” DVD  contains a full self-massage using the qi meridians and acupuncture points of the entire body for health and longevity. $20.

“Healing Qigong Workshop in Hollywood, FL” VHS tape: Dr. Yang Jwing Ming, Saturday 1/16/04. Theory of Healing Qigong, exercises for breast cancer, asthma, lung cancer, back pain, heart problems, jet lag, and more.  Total time: 4 hours. Yours for the price of $30.

“Tai Chi Pushing Hands Workshop in Hollywood, FL” DVD: Dr. Yang Jwing Ming, Sunday 1/17/04. Meanings of the 13 Postures, one-person training, Single & Double Pushing Hands, the International Peng, Lu, Ji & An 2-person routine, plus his demonstration of the Yang Ban Ho form with fajing; yours for the price of  $25.

My “Tai Chi Vitality” DVD consists of a gentle warm-up and stretching, Qigong, postures from the form in depth, section 1 of the Yang “Old Style” form from front and back views, Chair Tai Chi and Qigong Self-Massage using acupoints. $20.

My “White Crane Spreads It’s Wings” DVD contains the 6 fighting/reaction drills contained in this Tai Chi movement for control, weapon disarms and takedowns. It also contains the "Shang Xia Dze" form. $20.

My “Da Lu & the 13 Postures of Tai Chi” DVD contains drills and applications for all of the 13 “Postures” of Tai Chi, plus the two person Da Lu moving pushing hands exercise, fajing, chin na and more. Years of information are here for $25.

My “Ba Gua Deerhook Sword Form” DVD consists of warmups, stepping and the complete “Inner Door” deerhook form. This is a longer version of the form shown in the book and video “Ermei Baguazhang”, by Master Liang Shou Yu & Dr. Yang Jwing Ming.  $20.

My “Ermei Ba Gua Zhang” DVD contains the complete system; warm-ups, qigong, power training, mother palms, pre-heaven palm set, swimming dragon form, deerhook form, straight sword form and 2 person forms and matching sets that I learned from Master Liang Shou Yu and Dr. Yang Jwing Ming.  $25.

My “Typhoon & Thunderbolt Swordsmanship” DVD contains the complete Xing Yi form including sword, saber, single and double sticks, staff, barehand, and a multitude of parry/attack drills. It also contains the 2-person matching sword set. $20.

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